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Kitchen Law

Throwing some gas on his Unfriendly Fires, Thom presents his rules for the thing that scares most students—cooking good food.

22nd September, 2011

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle: The Wonder of Duck

In this slightly grotesque edition of The Unfriendly Fires, Thomas puts a duck through it’s paces, showing a ridiculously easy and tasty roast, and what to do with what’s left over. Also, something gross with trotters.

13th August, 2011

The Mysteries of Charcuterie Unravelled: Bacon Style

The Unfriendly Fires is a big believer in cured meats, and today Thom has two epic bacon recipes that will last forever and clog your arteries with deliciousness.

30th June, 2011

Home Cooked Cures for that Bastard Cold

In this dandy entry into The Unfriendly Fires, a cold-ridden Thom cooks up some ridiculously easy and tasty Chicken Soup and Congee while getting drunk off Hot Toddies.

29th May, 2011

Cajun Feasts!

For his series The Unfriendly Fires of cooking for masses of huddled students and roommates Thom is serving up three feasts Cajun Style. Guaranteed to be tasty, cheap, easy, and ugly.

13th May, 2011

The Unfriendly Fires: A Cooking Companion

What’s Cheap, What’s Good, and What’s Inedible. Introducing Thom’s food column for feeding lots of hungry students off not much.

13th May, 2011