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The National — Trouble Will Find Me

I was going to review Daft Punk, but fuck them, this is great.

20th May, 2013

Wu-Block — Wu-Block


13th January, 2013

Soundgarden — King Animal

A fitting post-eulogy for a music which has been dead for decades.

12th December, 2012

A Sound Review XII

The twelfth Sound Review is bizarre. Thomas Abildgaard liked everything… he’ll probably be headhunted by some hack-mag now.

27th November, 2012

A Sound Review XI

A Sound Review is back, leaner, meaner, and more adept at falling face first into libel than ever!

13th November, 2012

A Sound Review History X

The long delayed tenth Sound Review is brought to you by chocolate biscuits, pork belly, gin & tonics, and shame.

6th September, 2012

A Sound Review IX

Re-emerging like a Phoenix in the gloom, Kook presents the first Sound Review of this merry year.

9th February, 2012

Sound Review IIX

More distraught than that guy who just lost the Melbourne Cup by a millimetre, Thom delivers the last Sound Review for the year, boring a hole into their trunks and collecting the exuded sap of Florence and the Machine, Class Actress, Coldplay, James Blake, My Brightest Diamond, Justice, Tom Waits and She & Him.

1st November, 2011

Sloth & Souvlakis

In another live edition of A Sound Review, Thomas reviews his night seeing Brothers Hand Mirror, Oh Ye Denver Birds and Megastick Fanfare at the Buffalo Club.

17th October, 2011

The Magnificent Seventh Sound Review

Brand new Sound Review sees Thom attempt to defend a small town of helpless peasants reviews of albums by Zola Jesus, Casiokids, Feist, Mastodon, Bjork, Wilco, Plaid, Electric Six and Mutemath.

11th October, 2011