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Facebook revealed as hoax of the century: “Cannot believe it worked!”

Maxwell Denton unravels the complex web of lies that is the Facebook phenomenon.

25th March, 2013

Staff Picks: The Best of the Web 2012

Max runs down the most interesting websites, the best videos, the best photo essays, podcast and the worst social network in your roundup of the web in 2012.

28th December, 2012

Let’s Talk About Spotify

Max Denton dissects all the reasons you may feel a little uncomfortable with Spotify.

8th December, 2012

Election Night in America

Mere days after NYC was decimated by a storm/possible supervillain attack, Maxwell Denton captured the election night atmosphere in Times Square.

3rd December, 2012

Community Out, 30 Rock In, & Arrested Development Comeback Edging Closer

Teevee News.

20th November, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Is This A Thing?

Through audacious and sometimes anarchic protests, a significant movement may be lurching to life, writes Max.

17th October, 2011

Fuck You, Comedy Central

Max is desperately searching for a way to watch Jon Stewart in Australia, and is getting progressively more angry and bitter.

22nd September, 2011

On 9/11

A Reflection.

11th September, 2011

How to Undermine Your Credibility: Timothy Lynch

In this Line of Ink, Max rips into an absurd article about the semi-insane Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, courtesy of The Age.

4th September, 2011

Just A Little Bit of Fry

Max gets lost in his love for Stephen Fry and his new autobiography The Fry Chronicles, wondering aloud why he can’t be more like him.

13th August, 2011