Designer Bread is Saah Indie

Designer bakeries are apparently the new du jour. And as wanky as the proposition of specialist bread sounds, the potential for deliciousness overwhelms Kook’s aching self-conciousness. A second shop of the ever-hip St. Kilda bakery and coffee-maker Baker D. Chirico has opened in Carlton on Faraday Street. Not only does it sell bountiful offerings of beautiful and tasty bread, but it does so in a way-to-funky-for-a-breadshop interior. When you first walk in you may be forgiven for thinking an alien spaceship has crash-landed in Carlton with the sole purpose of selling us their fine bread. Well I for one say we welcome our new flour overlords. If you live or go to uni nearby then you’ll inevitably make it a staple on your daily journeys. Yes, there’s no coffee machine, but then if there’s one thing Lygon Street doesn’t need, it’s another place to buy a freaking latte.



Deets: 178 Faraday Street Carlton.