Community Out, 30 Rock In, & Arrested Development Comeback Edging Closer

Feeling a douche chill coming on? That’s because Netflix has announced exclusive rights for airing new episodes and/or a movie of Arrested Development in 2013. Which, yes, for the short-term means the new episodes will be locked into a platform that absolutely no-one in Australia uses. But still… There will be new episodes and/or a movie of Arrested Development. One of the finest comedy series in recent times is set to return like Scipio Africanus to Rome. The cast announced something was happening at an awesome-filled New Yorker reunion roundtable (you can watch the whole thing here), but it’s nice to know there is serious backing behind them. And, an online streaming company bankrolling a niche TV show? New media landscape, etcetera etcetera.

For fans of good TV this is a welcome respite from life-altering devastation of discovering that Community has been pulled. TV-Nerds have been wandering the streets, alone and afraid, winking to imaginary cameras, waiting in vain for awkward Dean-entrances. While not cancelled—all the episodes of season three will eventually air—the show faces being canned next year unless a couple of million more people become rabid fans pretty quickly. An interesting question the pulling has raised, is why Community, a well written and genuinely funny show, has thus far failed to find a big-enough audience. Some said it was because of the show’s in-jokes, meta-humour and long-running gags. Essentially, the same thing that killed Arrested Development—it was hard to get into. But that raises the question, why do we allow dramas to have season-long arcs and slow-building stories, but not comedies?

At Kook we think Community was pulled because the third season has sucked. We get it, some crazy shit happens and the group breaks down and has a big collective argument. Stop it. Find a new storyline. And preferably, one with less Chang and alternative universes.

The silver lining is that 30 Rock is set to replace Community, and Tina Fey can try to claim back the coveted prize of Most Meta Show on TV for her little show-about-a-show. Oh, and there’s always Bored to Death. You know, with the glorious George Christopher winning our hearts with a puff of pot and wave of his hand.