A Sound Review Six and your Mother

Not much to report this time. A whole lot of shit really. You like shit? I sure don’t.

The Rapture – In the Grace of your Love

C’mon Rapture, it isn’t 2007 anymore.







The Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You

I’m not exactly sure why this exists… John Frusciante, otherwise known as the only person in the Chilis with a modicum of restraint and understanding of what makes music instead of bullshit slap bass jams, is gone. Added to that, surely they have enough money by now? What have they got to gain? They actually just have a fair bit to lose. While Stadium Arcadium, a double album with at best half an albums worth of good songs, wasn’t that much of a milestone, it’s still a lot better than bringing in some fuckwit from Warpaint and disgracing yourselves. All the shit bits remain.

Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

Ignoring the music for a moment, Hugh Laurie does L’Oreal ads now so I don’t really buy him singing the blues. Plus: for those of you who only know him from House M.D., he’s actually quite English. White, posh pommy sings the blues eh? Challenging proposition. In fact he’s a really talented dude and this album isn’t half bad. It’s certainly an indulgence, but wouldn’t you indulge too?


Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lenses Alien

Lo-Fi? Check. Noisy? Check. Simplistic three chord structures? Check. I could probably go on… Pitchfork bait. It’s not really doing a lot for me. Sounds like they own a few Pavement records. Best thing about it is that it is my absolute favourite length for an album: 10 songs, just under 40 minutes. Well done boys!




Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

I thought I was going to fucking hate this album. It feels like hipsters. They’re from California, they’ve got a stupid-ass band name and the title of the album makes me want to smack them across the jaw with a washing machine and a cup of shithouse Lavazza coffee. It’s actually pretty good. Nothing original. Just some white boys doing some kind of bastard gospel blues pretty well. That said, Spiritualized do it better, and noisier.


Neon Indian – Era Extrana

I haven’t actually listened to this and I don’t care to frankly. I heard their single on the radio and they’ve ripped their drum sound off Crystal Castles. I don’t give half a fuck about them. They probably fade out their songs instead of ending properly too. I hate that.




Laura Marling – A Creature I don’t Know

Laura Marling is fantastic. She’s like a month or two older than me and she’s got more talent than the rest of the people on this list combined. Charlie Fink can go eat his own dick for all I care, because she’s got it all over him. Thankfully, she hasn’t sold out, and she hasn’t tried to radically reinvent herself. She’s just letting her sound and songwriting slowly mature over the course of albums. I think she has it in her to be one of the very few acts who will be worth remembering in twenty years time.


Ladytron – Gravity, the Seducer

I usually really like Ladytron, but this is really, really boring. It’s basically the same album as Velocifero, but with out any decent songs. Do something new Marnie, you beautiful Liverpudlian you!